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I wrote this book for you-someone who wants to learn how to use publicity effectively and at no or low cost.
  • The business owner
  • The director of a local non-profit or community services organization
  • The chairperson of a neighborhood event
  • The burgeoning author or artist
  • The religious or youth group leader
Anyone in a local leadership role-business or community-can easily and quickly learn how to obtain publicity for a company, organization, event, product, service or mission with the help of Publicity Professor.

Publicity Professor will help you save tens of thousands of dollars in professional fees and maximize your opportunities to appear in your local media-newspapers, magazines, radio and television. This book will guide you through the steps to develop an in-house public relations program, to create and distribute publicity and promotional materials, and to contact and build relationships with media representatives.

I have operated a one-man PR shop for more than 15 years, yet I have managed ongoing promotions, events, awards and product launches for international Fortune 500 companies. You don’t need a huge budget or a separate department of high-paid professionals to generate publicity. If your message is clear, timely, and prepared according to the requirements of each medium, you can achieve superior results.

I have presented simple tools, helpful hints and many cost-saving methods in Publicity Professor, including specific templates for publicity materials with complete explanations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Now you can communicate with your target audience without spending another dollar on paid advertising.

See you in the news!

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