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Chapter 11: Media Alerts

Learn how to prepare and use media alerts to convince editors and news directors to assign a reporter and/or camera crew to cover your specific news event.

Chapter 12: Special Events

Learn how to plan and host or sponsor events or campaigns that attract great press coverage.

Chapter 13: Celebrity Appearances and Endorsements

Learn how to obtain celebrity endorsements without paying huge appearance or speaking fees.

Chapter 14: B-Roll Video and Script

Learn how to "produce" a video story segment that is more likely to be broadcast by local, cable and even national television networks.

Chapter 15: Video News Releases (VNR) and Satellite Media Tours (SMT)

Learn how to prepare and control the contents of Video News Releases and Satellite News Tours.

Chapter 16: The Pitch Letter

Learn how to write a correct "pitch" letter that attracts editors because you've made their jobs easier.

Chapter 17: Interviews

Learn how to be recognized by the media as an expert for specific industries and issues. Learn how to be proactive and recommend a topic to editors that will result in an "on-air" or print interview.

Chapter 18: Industry Associations

Learn how to organize and manage a unique professional association; promote membership and participation by local industry leaders; and create opportunities for association members to be quoted in the press.

Chapter 19: Community Service Sponsorships

Learn how to sponsor community service awards that recognize the good works of local citizens and attracts the interest of news and feature editors.

Chapter 20: Local Sports and Community Sponsorships

Learn how to support the leisure and athletic team activities of your target audience to create brand recognition, loyalty and local press coverage.

View Chapters 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 20 - 25

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