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Chapter 21: Radio Promotion and Tie-ins

Learn how to develop promotional partnerships with radio stations: invite radio personalities or "party crews" to appear at your event, arrange a remote live broadcast from your location, give away tickets to events promoted by the station, or purchase radio advertising to support your event.

Chapter 22: Newsletters

Learn how to create a newsletter with timely and important customer information, prepare a mailing list and regular distribution schedule and develop a reputation as an expert with media outlets.

Chapter 23: Advertising as Publicity

Learn how to create an advertising campaign with the primary purpose of generating publicity.

Chapter 24: Awards Programs

Learn how to create an industry awards program to reinforce your reputation as an expert within your industry.

Chapter 25: Break the Rules!

Learn how a unique event or unusual story angle attracts media attention.

Conclusion and Publicity Resources

View Chapters 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 20 - 25

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